Nicotine-Free Hiring Policy

As a member of The UAB Health System, a health care system committed to improving the health of those served, we are asking our employees to model the same behaviors we promote.

Our Health System is dedicated to the preservation of health and prevention of disease, and also serves as a role model for good health behaviors in our community, state, and beyond.

Each year in Alabama, 7,500 people die from nicotine-related illnesses and more than 800 non-smokers die from illnesses related to secondhand smoke, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Nicotine-free hiring reinforces our culture of wellness and prevention. It's our way of leading by example.

As of July 1, 2013, all new employees are tested for nicotine use as part of their pre-employment drug screen. Those who test positive for nicotine will not be hired.

Nicotine-Free FAQs

  • What does the new hiring policy mean to me if I am applying for a job and use nicotine?

    The Company does not hire nicotine users and will test for nicotine during a simple drug screen that is part of the pre-employment process.

  • What is the drug screening process to test for nicotine use?

    Nicotine testing will become part of a pre-employment drug screen, meaning any applicant offered a position will be tested. The nicotine screen will be conducted during the urine drug-screen to detect nicotine in an applicant’s system.

  • What if I use nicotine replacement therapies or electronic cigarettes?

    Anything that contains nicotine could result in a positive cotinine test, including nicotine replacement products such as patches, inhalers, lozenges, gum, and certain e-cigarettes.

  • If a candidate tests positive for nicotine, what happens?

    The candidate may reapply after 60 days. Each time an applicant applies, he/she will be subject to the drug and nicotine pre-hire screens.

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