Fast Food, No! O’Carrs, Yes!

We all know diet is important. Research has demonstrated that a healthy diet with low to moderate calorie intake can reduce a person’s chances of heart disease and diabetes. However, when your officemates are all heading to the local barbecue joint or fast food chain, eating well isn’t always the easiest thing.

Viva supports making healthy decisions when it comes to eating choices.

Luckily, Birmingham is chock-full of excellent restaurants that make it easy to choose healthier options for lunch. Below are our recommendations for some healthy choices in and around the Birmingham area:

  • O’Carr’s Deli – It’s hard to go wrong with anything on their menu, but our recommendation is the Chicken Salad & Fruit plate. Their famous chicken salad and fresh fruit makes this a delicious and healthy option.
  • Roly Poly – With a full menu and calorie count online, Roly Poly is convenient and makes staying within your daily caloric budget easy. Our recommendation: the Basil Cashew Chicken.
  • Urban Standard – This coffee shop is known for making fresh, healthy food along with serving excellent coffee. While the menu changes every now and then, there are always healthy salads available.
  • Rojo – Vegan and vegetarian friendly, this restaurant that overlooks Rushton Park is an excellent choice for some more healthy options.
  • Tau Poco – Serving food from all over the world, Tau Poco satisfies any ethnic food craving you may have while keeping it healthy.

Viva supports making healthy decisions when it comes to eating choices. Next time your workmates decide to go out for lunch, try and suggest some of the places mentioned in the list. Your taste buds, and waistline, will thank you for it.

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