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As the economy stabilizes and startup companies are growing, employers are offering more unique benefits packages. Top talent is no longer satisfied with the typical package of insurance, matched retirement accounts and sick leave. Employers are countering this by becoming creative in their benefits – and they don't have to break the bank to do it. Revising or widening your benefits package can help boost a recruitment campaign or simply help maintain the talent you currently have. If done correctly, it can also make employees happier and even healthier.

  1. Telecommuting
    With today's technology, it is easier than ever for employees to work from home. This can be done either part-time or full-time. Schedules could be set by the company or by the employee. The general idea is to allow the employee the flexibility of working from home while still maintaining daily work demands. Be aware that telecommuting is not for every job, nor is it for every employee. When it is beneficial to both employer and employee, however, it can be a great working relationship.
  2. On-Site Childcare
    Anyone who has juggled raising children while working knows the difficulty this situation can bring. As an employer, if your employees are having difficulties maintaining a set schedule, leaving early or just generally having trouble with productivity, you may want to consider on-site childcare. The cost of hiring babysitters can often be offset by an increase in employee health, happiness and productivity.
  3. Gym Access
    Similar to on-site childcare, giving employees gym access can have unexpected benefits. As more and more studies are confirming the unhealthy habit of sitting for six to eight hours a day, encouraging employees to exercise can have numerous benefits. Exercise can increase health and happiness, both of which can increase productivity and reduce sick leave. To save on cost, many companies make deals with local gyms.
  4. Open Floor Plans
    If you've ever worked in a 'cubicle farm' you might understand the value of an open floor plan. Instead of sectioning off employees, the idea of an open floor plan is to allow for the free flow of people and ideas. This encourages teamwork, communication and innovation. Not all employees require this, however, and certain projects or jobs may not be suitable. If you choose to utilize open floor plans, make sure to leave room for traditional workspaces. Sometimes employees just need a quite space to work.
  5. Flex Schedules
    Not everybody thrives in a nine-to-five environment. Whether it's the demands of family life, productivity issues or simply preference, offering your employees schedule options is one of the best ways to foster happiness. Take a look at your work flow. Is it absolutely necessary that the current schedule is set in stone? If not, you may want to consider ways of creating more options for your employees. Perhaps the office can open earlier, stay open later or perhaps work schedules are not as important as the work itself. Many flex schedules work on the principle that as long as an employee does the necessary work, schedules aren't as important.

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