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Staying fit is an important part of staying healthy. Studies show that exercising regularly can reduce your chance of aging and weight related illnesses dramatically, and, luckily, in Birmingham there is a thriving fitness community for every level of fitness.

Viva is proud to recommend the following fitness resources in Birmingham:

  • The Downtown YMCA! - Affordable, and with plenty of group exercise ( classes that are included in the price of your gym fee.
  • 1st Avenue Rocks - A not so well kept secret, this climbing gym is home to a thriving community of enthusiast and amateur climbers alike. Membership is affordable, and the gym also includes other amenities like weights and Crossfit classes.
  • The UAB Campus Recreation Center - This fully stocked and sprawling gym is available only to UAB employees and alumni, but it comes with everything form an Olympic sized swimming pool, to a world class climbing wall. Membership is affordable and fitness classes are offered!
  • Railroad Park - Sometimes the best exercise is the simplest. Going for a walk in beautiful Railroad Park is a relaxing way to stay fit. There are also pull up bars, dip bars, balance beams, and group exercises for some free and outdoors strength training.

There are many more resources in and around Birmingham, martial arts studios, boxing gyms, yoga classes, and more. Too many to list here. That’s why there is no excuse not to stay fit! Get out there and have fun!

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