Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC)

Each year in September, we send you an Annual Notice of Changes or ANOC. The ANOC shows any changes in benefits or costs for your VIVA MEDICARE plan for the upcoming year. You can also see your ANOC online at There’s a lot of information in your ANOC, but this videos walk you through the document to make sure you know what to look for. Keep in mind as we go through each section of the ANOC, that your plan’s ANOC may look a little different and may contain different section numbers.  

May Is Better Hearing Month

May is Better Hearing Month. When is the last time you had your hearing checked? You may not notice changes in your hearing right away, but it can make a big difference in your quality of life. While age is a big factor in hearing loss, many younger people also have problems hearing due to loud music or work-related noises. Learn more about hearing loss and treatments by watching this video. 

Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. This month is dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of the causes and treatment of the nation’s #1 public health problem: alcoholism. Educating people about the treatment and prevention of alcoholism and alcohol abuse is important. It’s especially important for parents to teach their children about the harm caused by drinking alcohol. Watch this video to learn more.

Seasonal Allergies

Living in the South, we know the warmer weather of spring also means seasonal allergies caused by pollen. Join Katy Collins, pharmacist and supervisor of clinical pharmacy with VIVA HEALTH, as she tells us how to treat seasonal allergies and avoid the most common triggers.

Telehealth and Technology

Technology makes getting the care you need safer, easier, and more convenient than ever. When your doctors can see your medical records, like your health history or drugs you’ve been prescribed, it helps them make smarter decisions about your treatment. Having a doctor’s appointment through your computer or phone saves you time, while still giving you the same high quality care you’d get if you saw your doctor in the office. The technology used in health care today is secure and private. Learn more by watching this video.

National Caregivers Day

Being the caregiver for a loved one who can know no longer take care of themselves on their own is a huge responsibility and act of selfless giving. February 18th is National Caregivers Day—a day to honor and give thanks to those who provide care for others, usually with no pay. If you are a caregiver, thank you! We are grateful for your hard work and generous spirit. This message is for you.

CVS Caremark Home Delivery Pharmacy

CVS Caremark can deliver most prescription drugs to your home for free. You can be set-up on auto-fill so you never run out of the drugs you take every day for high blood pressure, diabetes, or other health conditions. Ordering your drugs in 90-day supplies may save you money. Home delivery is safe and secure. Your drugs are delivered in a plain package to protect your privacy. You can track your home delivery online or call CVS Caremark to see when your order will arrive. Learn how to sign up for home delivery by watching this video.

Don't Skip Your Yearly Checkup

Getting a yearly checkup with your primary care doctor is the best way to make sure your body and mind are in the best shape possible. During a yearly checkup, you’ll find out if you need any blood tests or screenings, like a colonoscopy. Blood tests and screenings help detect diseases early, when they are most treatable. Find out more about why you need to have a yearly checkup with your doctor by watching this video with Viva Health’s Chief Medicare Officer Dr. Tara Bryant. 

The Gift of Health

This holiday season, remember that the greatest gift you can give your loved ones is the gift of your own health. Your family and friends want to have you in their lives for years to come. To make sure you’re as healthy as possible, it’s important to get all your routine screenings, like a colonoscopy and lab work to check your cholesterol and blood sugar. Watch this video to learn what else you can do finish the year strong.

CVS Caremark Drug Savings Tool

It’s helpful to know how much the drugs prescribed by your doctor will cost before you get to the pharmacy. The CVS Caremark Drug Cost and Coverage Tool tells you the cost of a drug and lets you know if its covered by your prescription drug plan. Watch this video to learn how to use the tool to get the information you need. 

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