Viva Health's new provider portal features an updated design and the ability to create certain pre-authorizations with automatic approvals and check member eligibility and claims status, all with improved security. Only one portal account administrator can self-register per practice or facility. We highly encourage portal administrators to set up additional users and designate roles as needed. If you are not the provider portal administrator, you will need to contact that designated person for end-user access.

Are You a Third-Party Administrator?

If you are a third-party administrator (TPA) handling the billing and/or filing of claims for a provider or multiple providers, you will have the ability to self-register; however, self-registration will only allow access to a non-active account. Once you create your account, notification will be sent via the portal to the practice/facility portal account administrator for review. A TPA will not have access to any provider or member data until the practice/facility account administrator grants final approval. Viva Health will not grant TPAs direct access to the provider portal.

Accessing the Provider Portal

To access the new portal and self-register, please go to The following information is required to self-register:

  • Tax ID number
  • Group billing NPI number (This will not be the individual NPI number.)
  • Claim number, primary TCN or ICN for a date of services within the last 3 years
  • Viva Health provider number
  • Cell phone number (This is a required field needed for security authentication purposes.)

Your provider number can be found on the top right-hand corner of your Viva EOB. If you receive 835 electronic remits from a clearinghouse, your provider number should be on your remit, but it may be called something else. You will need to check with your clearinghouse to get the location of your provider number.

Linking Tax ID Numbers

If you need to link multiple tax ID numbers for a single sign-on access, please send all tax ID numbers with the associated Billing NPI to the Viva Health provider portal email at

Portal Access Problems or Related Questions

Please email portal access problems and related questions to This mailbox should only be used for that purpose. Claim and appeal status can be obtained by contacting provider customer service at 205-558-7474 or by faxing your status request to the TPA fax line at 205-449-7849.

Thank you,

Provider Portal Help Desk